Monday, March 24, 2008


Tray o pots
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I was sitting in my studio yesterday. Not working just looking around, feeling a little overwhelmed at what my little hobby has become.
I started out 8 years ago with a used wheel and a wicked desire for creativity.
I remember beaming with pride at my first pot, thinking to myself,I cant believe I made this perfect little crooked pot.I held that pot, turning it in my hands with pure amazement!
I still feel that excitement when I open up the kiln to the ceramic goodness inside! I love holding a warm pot!
I just feel so grateful for the life I have, and for whats to come!
I know its crossed over from hobby to work, but looking around the studio it just doesnt feel much like work, more of a passion. My mom has asked me a few times, if pottery is as much fun now that this is my "job" and truth is yes! Maybe more!
Ok, Im done :) I just need to get this all out.

Easter-ish tray of pots ;)

Tray o pots
Originally uploaded by jmnpottery