Monday, February 12, 2007

I threw this lidded dish on my kickwheel. After trimming the piece, I formed a lizrd from a lump of clay and attached him to the top of the lid.

The lid can only be shut where the tail meets on the bottom half.

After bisque firing the dish , I glazed the entire outside of the pice in a Tropical Feathers glaze. Light green to dark green underglaze almost completely covered in a white crystal with blue, green and turquiose in the middle. The glaze is really awesome, but hard to photograph :)

The inside bottom of the dish was glazed with an icy black, the top inside was left unglazed.

4 inches tall
4 inch diameter
the dish isnt very deep at 1 inch
the lizard is 4 1/4 inches long

This dish would make a perfect for holding jewelry, candy,change,paperclips, garlic etc..............
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