Thursday, February 15, 2007

I threw this teapot set on my kickwheel. After throwing and trimming all of the pieces, I added 4 little feet to each mug and the teapot. I pulled 3 handles and attached them to each piece. I then threw the spout and lid for the teapot. The spout was attached and a swirl carved into the top of the lid. The whole set was then dried and bisque fired.

After the first firing, I glazed each of the mugs with a light tan glaze. I overlapped the tan with a dark red and white. The results are very cool. The red at the top turned a bit brown and the white over top gave all of the pieces a textured flowing cap.

The teapot was glazed in the same colors, the inside of the teapot is glazed with a dark red with gold flows.


Teapot holds just under 2 cups. Enough to fill both of the mugs :)
Each mug holds 8 oz.
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